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What is the Whole30 Diet?

And how can it help you lose weight

For the past several years, the Whole30 diet has been gaining steam in the dieting community. What is the Whole30? Well, it is an eating pattern that involves cutting out one or more components of most, if not all, processed foods, including bread, cookies, crackers, cream cheese, canned soups, and pasta.

This eating is only possible when the body is able to properly digest the food and not suffer the damage it might normally do to the intestinal tract. When you eat processed food, you basically allow the food to escape the digestive tract and reach your bloodstream. If you eat real food, such as whole wheat bread, you are able to get all of the nutrition you need, but most of it gets broken down and passes through your intestines. Now, it is possible to eat real food every day without the whole process, but it is less common and not something that many people are willing to do.

It is not that cutting out one or more things from your diet will turn you into a person that does not enjoy eating. Rather, it is an essential first step in following a Whole30 diet. There are three components to a Healthy Eating program. Proper absorption of nutrients is the first, so avoiding processed foods will have the first component.

Another is the form of the diet. We often do not even think about foods as they are, when we are eating them, but in reality, they are much different from what they appear to be. They are cooked, packaged, and usually shaped a certain way in order to prevent us from consuming most of the nutritional value and energy in the food.

The third component of a Whole30 diet is the duration of the diet. Because foods are often cooked, packaging, and designed a certain way to be consumed, it is very difficult to follow a program long-term. It is a simple fact that all food items are going to do very different things to your body over time. Therefore, the longer you are on a diet the more difficult it will be to stick to the program.

You can help yourself get the nutrients that you need while on a Whole30. You will need to follow the Whole30 diet in small steps, but you will be increasing your consumption of some nutrients and taking other steps to ensure that you are getting enough of the others. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to incorporate the Whole30 into a weight loss program.

By following the Whole30 diet in small steps, you are adding nutrients that are often missing from an unprocessed diet. The best way to do this is to eat foods that are cooked and processed in a way that leaves them as whole food products. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you have access to nutritious foods that are not packaged and made into smaller, healthier pieces.